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Here is my Life List and or Bucket List 
format borrowed shamelessly from Laura at Move to Portuga


1.  Visit Alcatraz (and other sites in San Francisco)
2.  Visit Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota (2009)
3.  Visit Italy 
4.  Visit Greece
5.  Visit Ireland
6.  Visit New Zealand
7. Visit Panama Canal
8.  Drive from Florida to Maine
9.  Drive Route 66 From Chicago to California
10.  Drive the Pacific Coast Highway 
11.  Visit Alaska 
12.  Visit New York City


1.   Become Debt Free ( not including mortgages)
2.  Pay off Mortgage (primary residence)
3.  Become a landlord (2010)
4.  Make a living doing eBay
5.  Make a living online 
6.  Financial Freedom by 2025 (age 65)
7.  Substantial amount in bank (to be determined later) 


1.  Live in South Dakota and or Wyoming
2.  Weigh 150
3.  Ride rides on top of Stratosphere in Las Vegas
4.  Own Horses
5.  Silent Support of a Dog Rescue
6.  Own a Beachfront Property  ( to rent out on weekly basis)
7.  Continue to learn Spanish
8.  Zip Line 
9.  Ride an Airboat
10.  Helicopter Ride (2008)



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