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September No-Low Spend Challenge: Week 4 of The Great Food Fight 2013



I am pleasantly surprised at how well we did this month on our Grocery Spending. I joined the Great Food Fight In April 2013. Crystal at Budgeting In the Fun Stuff is my motivator.

I don't do spreadsheets so I keep track in a small notebook. Above you can see that we spent $542.00 in Groceries this month. Last month we spent $685.00. This does NOT include personal care or non-perishable purchases. I have not quite figured out what my budget limitations are for those categories but I will be keeping track of them to monitor the purchases.


We spent $163.00 in eating out. Not too bad. In August we spent $232.00 in eating out.

Below you can see what was spent on non- perishables and personal care items. Now if you added them ALL together with grocery spending it will come to a total of $642.00, which is still pretty darn good for us.


What are our goals for for next month? Groceries, we will TRY to keep the groceries around $500.00. This should be easy because we will be going on vacation the third week of October. In fact, that will definitely affect the grocery budget, won't it?


I will still keep track just to see how it all comes out. It should be interesting.

There is also a sub total for our church pantry spending. We designate 10.00 a week to add items to the church pantry. This week I found 7 boxes of Kellogg's cereal on sale at Dollar General.

  • How was your grocery spending this month?


Lisa Richardson said...

Looks like you're making steady progress with everything. Hope the next month is as successful for you.

Lisa Richardson said...

Nice job on lowering your grocery spending! Our September flew by but I hope to get back to somewhat normal in October

Lisa Richardson said...

Hi Carla! Thanks! Your challenge inspired me. I hope you will have another one soon!