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Financial Samurai started the Yakezie Alexa Ranking Challenge to bring bloggers together for the common goal of hitting an Alexa ranking of 200,000 or less.

Alexa is a website that has developed an uber-ranking system based on visits to sites by people with the Alexa toolbar.  This toolbar is free and can be downloaded here if you’d like to join this ranking community. 
When a blogger hits a ranking of 200,000 or below, it’s considered prestigious and many good things start to happen.  Please take a look at Financial Samurai’s more detailed explanation above or here since I’m not doing it justice.
Half a year later, the Yakezie site and forums were developed.  I am a proud member of this blogging group since it’s main purpose is to help others.  It’s the best group of personal finance blogs I know!
You can check out the Yakezie Scholarship to see what’s going on now or network with others in the Yakezie Forums.
Current Yakezie List