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Our Debt

Over the last month, we were blessed to receive $3000.00 from a family member, a refund or a return of our money in the amount of $1000.00 from the mortgage company... and we have been working extra hard to throw extra money towards the debt. 


  August 22, 2011   11,600.00  Credit Card #1

 October 20,2011   13,055.68  Credit Card #1

November 16,2011 12,124.00 Credit Card #1 

December 3, 2011  11,608.00  Credit Card # 1 

December 29, 2011  10,913.00  Credit Card #1

 February 26, 2012   7900.00    Credit Card # 1

September 1,2012   10,042.00  Credit Card # 1

October 1, 2012        5600.00    Credit Cart #1

I am looking forward to report an even bigger reduction in the credit card debt in the coming months.  

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Laura @ No More Spending said...

Yay Lisa! So close now :)

Live and Learn said...

It must feel great to have cut your credit card debt in half. Keep up the good work.

kim said...

Wow that is great progress!

judy said...

That is just great!!!!!!!!!!!! What great progress

Lance@MoneyLife&More said...

Congrats on the progress. You'll make it in no time at all!

Sluggy said...

Very nice progress!
Tell me, once you get the consumer debt paid off, what are your plans? Have you considered what step to take next with your money since you are getting closer to the end of the debt?

Lisa Richardson said...

Hi Sluggy,
I had to think about your question for a bit. My husband and I have discussed the next step to take several times. After the credit card is paid off, we are going to both add to our savings to increase it to 5000.00 AND increase our payments to our mortgage.

Lisa Richardson said...

Thanks for your support Lance!.

Lisa Richardson said...

Hi Judy!!!! Thanks for the support! I can't wait to get that card paid off!

Lisa Richardson said...

Thanks Kim!

Lisa Richardson said...

Thanks Lena, it is a great feeling indeed!

Lisa Richardson said...

Thanks laura! It is exciting!