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Grocery Game

Well, I don't know how it happened ( I'm in denial) but I went to BJ's wholesale club to get a FEW items that I usually buy in bulk. That would be frozen broccoli, frozen chicken breasts ( They carry Perdue) and BAM!! I managed to buy more than a few things in fact I think I bought everything because the grand total was 200 dollars.!! NOT a coupon in sight. I shopped on a full stomach, (can you imaging what the total would have been if I was hungry?)

It might have been stress related. I do start the new job tomorrow and I am trying to have enough items in the house that the other adults who live here will be able to fend for themselves.
Oh well. Another adjustment for the budget.


D said...

Think of it this way-these purchases are going to decrease your future purchases.

That's how I always look at it.

It's good in theory, if your family is like mine, they seem to devour everything within days.

Missy said...

Yep, You are right! It sounds great in theory. But, if it is here they will eat it.