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New Job Update

New job update. It's only the second day and I don't want to go back. I have been up since four AM and I really think I want my old job back. My job is dependent on the particular machine I use. I HATE the machine I have to use. It is suppose to be user friendly and it is not. I left the new job yesterday almost in tears.

Where does that leave me now? Give it more time would be the logical answer. I am not feeling logical today.


D said...

Don't give up Missy! Not yet! I know you can do this. Give it at least a full week. If by the end of the week, you haven't increased your comfort level, then re-evaluate.

Remember, you are not only learning something new, but you are also being thrown in with new people and learning how they work as well. This is a huge stress.

Take your time, no rash decisions. It will all work out.

Missy said...

It seems I am all about the rash decisions. It is not going to work for me