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Low/No Spend Challenge

Hello September!  My primary goal for September is to lower my grocery bill.  Last month, I spent $685.00.  This total included dog food and personal items as well.  Not to mention we also provide $10.00 worth of food items for the church food pantry.  This amount is also included int the monthly total. 

Next month I will try to separate the spending of the grocery money.  I will attempt to  be more specific where the money is going related to grocery spending. 

I am also working hard on putting money aside for our long deserved vacation in October to Las Vegas.  We have a vacation fund that has auto deposits from  my payroll check.  With the help of eBay and Etsy I am setting 6 weeks earning goal of 1500.00 dollars.  By earning 1500.00 I will just about meet my goal of 3500.00 for our trip.   Difficult, but doable. 

This is what I am doing today  for Labor Day! 

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Lisa Richardson said...

One of our main goals is to lower our grocery bill as well. We spend so much money on food!

Lisa Richardson said...

Good luck Lisa! :)

Lisa Richardson said...

Thanks Laura!

Lisa Richardson said...

It is shocking how much we spend. Definite room for improvement.

Lisa Richardson said...

We do to!! Keeping track of the spending sure is an eyeopener!

Lisa Richardson said...

Keeping track of spending is eyeopening. When we have kept track of all of the money we've spent, we figured out where the big spends were and food and eating out was one of them. Good luck with your vacation fund.