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The Great Food Fight August 2013

I decided to get REAL about our food budget and face the music. My inspiration is from Crystal at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff and her Great Food Fight. She and her husband are keeping track of their grocery and eating out spending on a piece of notebook paper tacked on the refrigerator door. You can see an example here.
I started the "Great Food Fight" in March 2013. That month I spent $740.00 in groceries and $218.00 on eating out. I know, that is a lot!!

Here are the numbers for August 2013. We did do better this month.

Our groceries are still high. I have to remember that these totals include personal items such as shampoo, deodorant, dog food, and beer. If we did not include those items the numbers would be a bit lower. Probably a lot lower if did not like our beer :-)

Next month I am going to try to keep my total groceries BELOW $600.00. I think it is doable.

How is your grocery budget doing? Staying on track?

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Lisa Richardson said...

We are doing reasonably well with our groceries, but it would be even better if a little more planning were involved.

Lisa Richardson said...

Planning is key! Menu planning and shopping lists definitely help!