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End of Summer Cleaning and Other Things

Time to purge!  Since we moved two years ago we have been so busy that many, many things have been neglected around the house.  Our small walk in closet is a collection of clothes not worn, shoes with out matches (how does that happen?)  and dust bunnies galore.  Not to mention empty shoe boxes  and shoes boxes with shoes that I forgot about.  I look at them and think..."when did I wear them?"

There is still a lot to clean but I will get done what I get done.  But when my daughter calls and wants to go for a ride, I drop everything and off we go.  I am really enjoying the opportunity to spend more time with her before she goes back to work. 

  This afternoon I went with my daughter to Ocala, Florida.   She is in school for Nurse Practitioner and her new clinical rotation starts tomorrow.  She wanted to find where the facility was located to ease her jitters tomorrow.  We did find it without any problem.  We came back home a different way which was a  traffic mistake.  Construction on the roads made it a stop and go nightmare.

Before we left Ocala, we did have lunch.  Since I have been keeping track of my food spending this month I find it interesting that most if not all of my eating out budget has been spent on me and my daughter.  Oh, but is was fun!

We hit a Thrift Store on the way home.  There were some great deals that could not be passed up.  I spent this afternoon listing a few of them on Etsy.   Here are just a couple of them.

Vintage Ashtray Made in Japan  here on Etsy

Vintage 70's Japan Coffee Cups on my Etsy

Oh, maybe this three day weekend coming up I will be able to get back to cleaning.  Maybe. :)

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Lisa Richardson said...

I am glad that you are getting to spend some time with your daughter. You need a little fun time to decompress after all of the things you have been dealing with during the last year.