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The Best Thing I Sold on EBay #6 ~ Name your Poison Cera Glassware


Recently I came across a great new blog, "
Goodwill Haunting". She highlights some of her great finds that have really been money makers for her. My husband and I have also come across some great finds too and we wanted to share them with you


I found these lovely glasses at a thrift store in north Florida. I love the theme of them! "Name your poison". And the five glasses each state that and on the front is a specific " poison". I researches these and discovered that there are in fact 6 glasses in the set. Neiman Marcus specifically sold these. The glassware is "Cera" and is a great vintage find.


For the set of five glasses I paid $5.00. The set sold for $129.00 and are on their way to Texas.


I can't wait to go back to that Thrift Store and find some more great treasures!



Lisa Richardson said...

That's a great find and nice profit!

Lisa Richardson said...

Thanks Lena!

Lisa Richardson said...

You really did great. I could never find anything of value.
I tried to post something else but I'm not a popular poster today. LOL

Lisa Richardson said...

I am totally impressed. How often do you find something like this?