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Bye-Bye Bright House Cable

Hello AT&T U-Verse!! We are ditching or cable and switching to AT&T U-Verse digital for our phone, internet and TV.  I have been looking for ways to reduce some of our monthly bills without having to totally give up the things we do enjoy.

Since I have AT&T for my home phone, I gave them a call to price check a bundle of home phone, internet, and TV.  To my surprise, They were able to save me quite a bit of money!

Initially, my home phone was 44.00 dollars ( I just cannot give up my house phone, it just makes me feel better to have one).  My cable bill with Bright House averages about 135.00 dollars.  It can be a little higher if movies are ordered. Combined, both bills average around 179.00 dollars a month.

AT&T has a plan that will cover my internet, home phone, and TV's (we have two) and it will cost me about 110.00 dollars a month for the first 6 months.  After that, it will go up about 25.00 dollars.  The first six months is a special.  Also, they are waiving the cost for installation which is about 149.00 dollars.

After this months phone and cable bill, I will be on AT&T's U-Verse plan and will save about 69.00 dollars for the first six months.  I will apply that difference to my debt (Credit Cards) to whittle down the balance.


Sharon said...

This is something that I will be looking into very soon. Those expenses can really eat up a budget!

Sharon said...
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I'm Tatom said...

Wished we could get U-verse here, hopefully the next place we go it will be available.

jpkittie said...

that is awesome!!!!

Jane said...

Good for you! I've often thought about getting rid of the home phone but like you I like having it. I have a package with Rogers - cable, internet & home phone for $170 which I guess isn't too bad. I also threaten now and again to get rid of cable TV - I watch it so seldom, but my daughter still uses it. Someday!

Maureen said...

I have a phone/internet/cable tv package with Telstra Australia which costs me $199 per month. This is about as cheap as I could find it.

sabakose said...

too funny .. we're switching to AT&T Uverse on November 1 and I can't wait. We're doing so b/c of poor internet connection with our current provider, so hoping this helps. We do have a great initial package. We've done w/o a home phone for 3 years now and it's been great. :-)