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Short Sale (Shenanigans) Update

If you are a regular reader, you are aware that we are attempting to buy a new home.  The clincher is that it is a "Short Sale" home.  It has been an interesting adventure, not to mention very frustrating as well.  Read about our previous experience here.   I had written a letter to the Broker of the agency handling the Buyer's interest as well as the Corporate Office of the Company that handles the  Affiliate Offices.

Yesterday (which was a Federal Holiday) I found on my doorstep a UPS envelope.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the Corporate Office's "Consumer Resources Liaison" had sent me a letter in response to my letter to her.

This is what it said:

Dear Mrs. "Cents To Save":

We have recieved your letter regarding ********* Florida Realty. Thank you for taking the time to notify us. We take very seriously and expect that you receive quality service from our Prudential Affiliate.

We realize that misunderstandings can occur in the course of any real estate transaction. There are often differing perspectives and views of the fact surrounding any situation.

I have received a response from the Broker of ********* Florida Realty. We have been advised that *********Florida Realty is listing the Broker for the Seller. Since *********Prudential Florida Realty has a contractual obligation to represent the seller, they will (as is common in the industry) work through your real estate agent. If you have any concerns, please communicate directly with your realtor.

Again, thank you for making us aware of this situation.

Very Truly Yours,

MS. Blah, Blah Blah
Consumer Resources Liaison

Sooooooo........ basically they blew me off.  What ever... I am not done writing letters, that's for sure.  I will keep you updated!


Maureen said...

In other words they can do exactly as they wish and nobody is going to stop them. This has now got MY back up.
Yes keep those eloquent letters going, and keep us posted about the results.

Anonymous said...

I'd write more letters too. It's a tough situation and I hope it ends up in your favor.

Dr. Timothy Lawler said...

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us all. I was just getting caught up by reading your last blog post. Yes, short sales can be a super tough beast. With your nice blogging talent, you should search our real estate attorney blogs, and ask/post on their blogs your situation. I can promise you that you will at least get a new contact if not the exact answer you are looking for. Good luck and keep us updated!

Jane said...

Yeah, blah blah blah is right! What a bunch of bafflegab just to say "too bad so sad!" Stay with it Lisa!

Anonymous said...

I've heard horror stories about short sales. Personally I would not dear to go through it. I wish you all the luck. Stand your grounds! And keep us updated.

Jan said...

I'd write more letters too. It's a tough situation and I hope it ends up in your favor.