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Money Saving Monday Week 7 The Saved Quarter Challenge

This is week seven of Penny's Saved Quarter Challenge.   This month was going along fairly smooth, until last week.  You know how Murphy's Law works..... well Murphy is visiting our house this week and it may be a little expensive.  Our recently installed bathtub has developed a leak. You can read about it here.
I am fortunate that my husband is very handy and can do all the work himself.  Labor is very costly so our expense is in the parts.  

My husband's work is still slow.  The weather is Chamber of Commerce perfect, so no one is really having issues with their AC units.   But as it gets hotter..... he will get busier. 

I will be making payments on my credit cards this week, so I will be able to share the amount paid next week.  The balance of my husbands card has gone up a bit, because we had to charge some of the parts for the bathroom repair.  My current savings are on a self imposed hold until we find out if we get the Short Sale house or not.

I have been a little bit busy with some early Christmas Shopping, you can check out my $500 Christmas Challenge for an update.  Some of the items I found at Target today, I am hoping to find some cheaper prices at another Target, so the totals may change.

I hope your week is going to be great!



Maureen said...

I was wondering if your letter had been answered yet, keep us posted.

CC,s can be a curse or a blessing, but your Hubbies use was definitely a necessity.

Jane said...

Wow, Christmas shopping in February. I've started to save but don't dare spend YET, though I'm sure there are good sales this time of year. My DD gives me a list each year and I won't receive THAT til December! By then though I should have a good amount saved. It will be the first Christmas ever that's been fully funded through savings - I'm quite proud:)

Anonymous said...

That's an early Christmas shopping! :-) I am still recovering from December and cannot even thing about Christmas yet. But I bet you can get great deals now.