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Debt SnowFlake Challenge Week 1

 2012 is definitely the year of challenges.  Wikitionary defines challenge as "A difficult task, especially one that the person making the attempt finds more enjoyable because of that difficulty".  Yes, accomplishing the task at hand is definitely more enjoyable because of the the journey.  My primary task this year (financially speaking) is to eliminate my credit card debt.  I have other goals this year, but getting rid of the debt is my main focus.   

To help keep my on track with my debt elimination progress, I have joined Melissa at Mom's Plans in her Debt Snowflake Challenge.  To the best of my ability, I will update my own debt snowflake progress every Friday.  

Our Progress: 
Blog income from advertising was $110.00.  This revenue was from the last week in December, and when it arrives in the bank from PayPal, I will apply it to the Credit card.  

I still have a bag of loose change in the back of my car to turn in.  I was going to do this about a month ago, but that same day my mom was taken to the ER, and things have been crazy since. 

I have just started offering services as a Virtual Assistant for fellow bloggers.  My client base is growing, ( I have one, with the possibility of another).    Working from home is a way for me to add to our family's income and by offering services as a Virtual Assistant I can easily do this.  Thanks to Melissa for all your help and guidance too!

 I have recently started another website "Count Down to Sixty" using wordpress. It is designed to help other baby boomers like myself with the obstacles and challenges of getting older.  The website is in the early stages, ( I am very new to wordpress) and is less personal, more informational.  My goal is to monetize it and grow it to become a passive stream of income.  As I said before,  it is definitely in the early stages. 

Our Debt: 

 Chase Credit Card:  $10. 659.00

This is where we stand for now with the debt. So close to getting under $10,000.00!! 


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Melissa said...

Good work for the first week! A few more weeks of snowflaking and you'll be under the $10,000 mark!

CentsToSave said...

Thanks Melissa! I appreciate all your help too!

The Single Saver said...

Nice job! And congrats on the new website. I will be curious how you like Wordpress compared to Blogger after a couple months of using both.

Carla said...

Woohoo!! You're almost there!! Good job!

Pam Rockhold said...

I found you through The Debt Snowflake Challenge; hi! Looks like you've been making some good progress on your debt!

Debby S. said...

Stopped in through DSC also. Glad I found your blog! Im participating and attacking out CC debit too. Looking forward to reading more. Good Luck, see you next week!

Maria@moneyprinciple said...

Goof luck with the challenge, Lisa. My experience with debt is that you just have to go on paying it off - there comes a point after which it starts going down really fast.

Miss T said...

Best of luck with your challenge. You are working in the right direction which is good. I know when I was paying off my debt I loved getting under a certain number. It was such a great feeling.

Jane said...

I love the content of your new blog! I'm heading that way (to 60) myself! Yes to challenges, here it is only January 6th and I've joined two challenges - one to reduce spending in January and another to lose 10 pounds! I hope I'm successful at both!

Super Frugalette said...

Congrats on the virtual assistant work!