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A Little Spendy This Month

Items from the Panty Purge
What the heck happened to my grocery budget this month?  Over $500.00 dollars??  That was my first reaction, then I remembered that my husband and I "moved" back from my parents house and we had to re-stock our pantry and refrigerator.  All perishables in the fridge were disposed of.  And when my kids were here checking the house out or picking up stuff to bring over to my mom's, I always told them to take what you need.  So yeah..... we had to replenish. 

Groceries for February:

2/6/12        Aldi's:  69.41
2/9/12       Publix:  50.44
2/13/12  Walmart:  84.19
2/21/12      Aldi's:  80.98
2/22/12   Publix:  107.48
2/25/12 Winn Dixie:  26.56 ( $10.00 flour and yeast for bread
2/27/12         Aldi's: 61.39
2/27/12    Walmart: 36.55 (  $18.50 ingredients for homemade detergent)
2/27/12     Publix:  10.54
TOTAL:               527.54

For March, we are going to keep the costs down to around $400.00 or less.  I think we can do it!.


C.R.P said...

Yah, we overdid it too.... I spent over $400 in ONE WEEK though. Ugh!! Next month will be MUCH better!!

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

it happens when you have to restock.

Poor to Rich a Day at a Time said...

Glad to know it is not just me, I am use to spending $300 a month or less for a family of 5 and this month I spent $680 thinking it would jump start a well stocked pantry............nope my family just decided to eat more! I dont think I will ever have more food than a months worth in my house!

fariha said...

Join the club! I overspend this minth too :(

maureencairney said...

I'm restocking too..............expensive

Aloysa @My Broken Coin said...

We've been good lately somehow managing to stay on the budget. Bu we always go over our eating out budget. Oh well... something gotta give, right? :)

debby said...

Next month will be our restocking month, it ain't gonna be pretty add to that the prices are still going up so I think we are all spending more each time!

michelle said...

We overspent in our food budget as well. Not good!

YourFinancesSimplified said...

wow well now I feel really bad.. we overspent out food/house budget by 1500 dollars last month! I wish it was only 400 :-)

kim said...

I had to restock this last month, after Carla's low/no spend challenge. But March should be easier.

Laura @ No More Spending said...

This is bound to happen Lisa - good luck in March hopefully it will be less expensive for you :)

Invest In 2012 said...

You should of seen us. $80 just for lobsters alone. Plus, dining out a lot (around thrice a week). Now you really make me feel bad.