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Menu Plan Monday ~ Feb 27~

Happy Monday! This week I will be trying to use up items in my freezer for my menu planning. Sometimes it gets so piled up in there that I can't see what all I have.

Monday:  Pot Roast in the Crock Pot.  Super easy and delish.  If you use your crock pot, dont forget to use the Crock Pot Liners.  They sure make clean up easy!

Tuesday: Beef pot Pie using the left over roast.

Wednesday:  Breakfast for Dinner.  Spinach and Egg Fritatta.

Thursday:  Grilled Chicken in Lime marinade.

Friday:  Salad and Frozen Pizza.  I know....too easy, right?

Saturday:  Baked Spaghetti. This can be made ahead and heated up anytime.

Sunday:  Dinner with mom and dad, so it will be from their favorite restaurant. 

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Michelle said...

Sounds like a good week!

Kelly Miller said...

Love Crock Pot liners, they're a lifesaver!

Joe said...

Does crock pot liners have BPA? I don't know if I want to put plastic in my crock pot...

CentsToSave said...

Hi Joe,
I researched the crockpot liners and they do not contain BPA. check the link to the crock pot liners, I have a link to good housekeeping and what they stated.

CentsToSave said...


CentsToSave said...

Thanks Michelle!

maureencairney said...

Never heard of crock pot liners, maybe we don't have them in Australia

Dani said...

Those liners sound like a great idea- may have to look into those! Thanks for the tip! I am also doing a bit of a freezer clean-out for meals this week- why buy more when you can use what you already have?!