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Five Reasons Why I Use Facebook

Connect with the Past
When I first signed up for Facebook several years ago, I do so with the intent to catch up with friends from High School.  Many a evening was spent looking ( some could call it stalking lurking) for friends and acquaintances from over  thirty years ago.  I was fortunate enough to find friends from High School, Junior High and Elementary school as well.  In fact, I started a Page for my Junior High School and have been able to connect with even more people from the past.  

Connect with Family

 I like keeping up with family and my extended family is all over the United States.  A great deal of my extended family is in Wisconsin (Go Pack!) but those crazy Norwegians are sprinkled all over the place. There are some relatives that I communicate with more than others, but over time I have built up relationships with most of my extended family.  No surprise, but I have set up a "family" facebook page that only family members can see.  Interactions there involve upcoming family events such as family reunions.  It is also a place to share personal family pictures. 

Connecting with Friends

Is it possible to be an introvert that loves to be around people and be involved in what is going on in their lives?  Maybe that makes me a busybody. ( I can admit it, I like to know things ) Either way, I like having the chance to see what friends are up to.  These include friends from work, school, and my neighborhood.  When friends post what is going on in their lives, I like being able to comment and interact with them.  Sometimes life gets in the way, and I don't have the ability to "see" my friends, and Facebook allows me the opportunity to connect and catch up.

Connecting with Fellow Bloggers

I have a Facebook page for Cents To Save   which provides the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest posts from many of the blogs I follow.  Since I am not that active on Twitter I will use Facebook to communicate to other bloggers. I consider many of my fellow bloggers my "friends" even though we have never met.  Through our blogs, we have all shared our lives and our experiences.  I feel bonded to many of you in that respect.  

Because I Want To

I use Facebook because I like it.  Am I addicted to it?  Well.... I do rely on it quite a bit to keep in touch with just about everyone.  Some may consider that an "addiction", and others may be able to relate totally.    Will I change my ways?  Probably not.  But, everyone has to decide for themselves the benefits or disadvantages of activities that take may take up too much time.

What are your thoughts on Facebook?   Do you find it helpful or harmful?
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Michelle said...

I like facebook. I like to connect with friends and family.

Bowen4flag said...

Use Facebook to connect with family mostly. My daughter is thinking of giving it up. I am the one screaming NOOOO!

Aaron Hung said...

I don't use it much but I should probably make one for my blog, It's just so much better than Twitter from what I can tell

Nd Chic said...

I think that you have very good reasons for using Facebook. That's what it is designed for. It just started to take too much of my free time. I will get back on but on a more limited use.

The Jenny Pincher said...

I go through phases with Facebook. Sometimes I enjoy catching up with people but other times I find it is a huge waste of my time and I should be doing something more productive. I try to pop in and see what is going on once a day or so just so I can keep up.

Carla said...

I have a FB page that I set up probably 6 months ago or something... I've probably been on it 3-4 times in total. I honestly can't be bothered... my blog is enough of a "time suck" for me! lol!