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Bank of America

So, I go to the bank today (Bank of America) to make a deposit of checks, cash and loose change. They DO NOT accept loose change or even rolled change . Excuse me. Why? ( I did ask) Since this particular branch of Bank of America operates out of a Grocery Store (Publix) they are not considered a full service bank. And as a such they do not accept loose change in a deposit. ( it was about 8 dollars in loose change, mostly quarters) Its just loose change!!! Whatever!!!!

The clerk did give me the paper rolls so I could roll the money and then take it to a "Full Service" Bank of America. Yea, right. Toll money!!! This really botches up my 20 dollar challenge. The concept was so easy. Just collect and find the loose change and turn it in to the bank and put it in savings. Easy.

I will just figure out another way to get the funds to the 20 dollar challenge account. Not a big deal. Only slightly aggravating.


Amanda said...

What??? That's insane! It drives me nuts how all of a sudden some people have decided that coins aren't "real money" and therefore they won't accept them.

Lisa said...

It is crazy isn't it? I t certainly shocked me....!

The Bright Side said...

I absolutely despise Bank of America. They have got too big for their britches, as my grandma would say. I sometimes think they care nothing for their customers.