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Survey Earnings

YooHoo!!! I just received my first check from Pine cone research! $ 3.00!! You gotta love it. I will be adding this to my $20 dollar challenge. Will update that later on tonight.

Since I have been putting money into the $20 challenge, I really did not realize how much of my money is "lost" or unaccounted for. A few cents here and a couple of dollars there is really starting to add up. I have noticed that I have NOT walked a mile for the $20 dollar challenge for about a week. What a slacker!! I thought paying myself to walk would be a great motivator. Not so much. Well, last week was busy, I substituted at the local college for two nights. And church on Wednesday night so I have been occupied with other things. But I still need to get out there and walk. Note to self!!


Anonymous said...

I'm in Pinecone Research too! It's so easy and it's so fun receiving the various products they send. We have received everything from frozen food dinners, flavored mt.dew soda, shampoo, laundry soap, dog food, and recently a computer video game. Plus making money too. Gotta love it!

Lisa said...

I am excited to be in Pinecone research. Can't wait to test the different products!