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$500 HOLIDAY CHALLENGE 2012 week 4

We are already into March  and its time to update my progress on my $500 Holiday Challenge.Truthfully, my progress is sporadic at best. Last week I did go to JC Penny to check out their new way of pricing markdowns.  I have to say I do miss the 60% or 70% pink  markdown stickers.  Now the lowest price stickers are "blue".  Yea, its a whole new way of saving money.

 set of three fluffy socks, originally $14.00, marked down to $1.00!  I picked up 4 sets of these for granddaughters.

 This is one of the purses I found.  It was originally $29.99 and it was marked down to $3.00.  This will be for one of the granddaughters too.

 Still getting use to the "new" blue sale stickers............

 Monkey socks!  Too cute if you ask me!  Originally $14.99 each, marked down to $1.00 each.   These are for son's girlfriend and her daughter.

 Animal print purse with leather and chain strap.  Originally 29.99 marked down to $3.00.  Son;s Girlfriend is getting this.

 More pics of the socks!  Great deals!

 Last but not least, here are all the gloves I picked up too.  Originally $12.00 each, marked down to $1.00 too!  I picked up about 6 pairs for the girls in the family.

All this for only $11.00 dollars!!!   I love markdowns!!!

How are you coming along on your  Holiday Challenge?   Feel free to share!!

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    Sharon said...

    Holy moly Lisa, these are GREAT deals!! Love it! I'll have to check out JC Pennys, especially since I have a long overdue gift card there!

    The Borrower said...

    That settles it....I need to go to JCP!

    C.R.P said...

    Wow!! Good stuff, Lisa!! So far I have NOTHING. lol! But I'm hoping for some good deals eventually... my main goal will be stocking stuff as I'm probably waiting on the bigger gifts till the end of the year.

    debby said...

    WOW, what great deals!!! I need to get out and about, can't get any deals setting at home!!!

    Sammyleia said...

    How come I never see great sales like that?! :) This is a period where 4 of my nieces and nephews plus my son have birthdays, so I'm concentrating on what to get them. After early April, it slows down a bit. I haven't got anything yet, but I would have jumped at sale prices like yours! :)

    Melissa@PersonalFinanceJourney said...

    Great work on the deals. I have seen all of the advertising, but I haven't stopped by to check them out. I will have head over there tomorrow.

    Rafiki said...

    Those are some awesome deals. I haven't done any holiday planning whatsoever as yet. This is something I have to put some thought into.

    Live and Learn said...

    I have a few things for Christmas gifts, but don't have any more ideas. That is always my downfall. Trying to figure out what to get people.