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Food Waste Friday: Shades of Yellows

A little pale....
 This week I have been staying at my mom's.  She was in the hospital for a few days and I am here taking care of my dad.  No doubt there is a good chance that have some food waste in my own refrigerator, but since I am not home I thought I would investigate my mom's refrigerator.

Indeed, there are a couple of culprits hiding in the refrigerator. 
As a rule, my mom is VERY good about NOT wasting food of any kind.  But since she was in the hospital and she was not here to monitor the situation. 

What's my excuse?  I did not know where to look.  And they were covered by tinfoil.  Here is the first culprit.  Sliced peaches.  For dinner, my mom prepares a nice meal for my dad and it will usually include fruit. 
Just not that appealing, are they?

Moving on to the canned goods........

Chipotle corn is definitely not my first,second,or third choice for canned corn.  Evidently my parents like it.  Again, the can was hiding under the tin foil so I missed it earlier in the week.

Or it could have been subliminal.  Maybe I missed it on purpose.

no comment. :)
A little pale, don't you agree?

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michelle said...

We wasted pizza :(

Lena at Frugalandthankful said...

New follower here :)I think it's not bad considering how busy your Mom has been. I hope your Dad feels better soon.

Live and Learn-Toss and Turn said...

That's pretty good considering all of the circumstances. Hope your mom is doing better.

Jess said...

I find it pretty tough sometimes to keep my own waste in check. I imagine it would be tough keeping up with an unfamiliar fridge