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Financial Flaws Friday

Due to the current situation with my parent's health it is difficult to keep track of my money.  Husband is staying home this time around, so he is buying his lunch at work.  He has spent about $25.00 this week.  When we were both home, I would pack his lunch daily.    My grocery spending for last week was $80.00.  That is unusually low, but I will take it. 

While I have been staying at mom's during her hospitalization the groceries I have bought for here include items needed for my dad and myself.  I have been charging them on my mom's credit card so we don't have any issues about what is owed this time around.  She can see the purchases when the bill comes in.

How long will I be here?  Hard to say.  Her discharge orders state she needs 24 hour supervision.  Let's just say that is the "elephant in the room".  We both know what the orders say but we have not yet discussed it.  It looks like we are waiting on each other to start the discussion.  She is not ready to give up her independence just yet.  And I am not sure that I am ready to have both parent's move in with me.  I will if that is what is necessary, but it will be a BIG life change for everyone.  

Because of her seizure risk, she can't drive for at least 6 months.  That sucks.  She does have a great church family and can rely on them, but she hates to give up her independence.  And who can blame her?  She has worked hard her whole life, and just retired.  Now she has to rely on others to get her places.    I know she is hating it!

Oh yeah, back to the financial stuff.  Expenses have been incurred in the area of car repair.  One of our Toyota Camry's needs a new water pump and a pulley replaced.  That will be about $100.00 bucks for parts.  My husband can do the repair.

We are hoping to get the bathroom renovation started this weekend.  No work has started on it yet.  But if my parents are coming out with us, this has to definitely get started ASAP.   If you haven't noticed, my husband is pretty handy and can do most of our projects.  It is just a time issue for him. 

We are still waiting for a tax refund to be deposited.  Most of that has been earmarked for New AC for house,new Compressor for husband ( his old one died, and he needs it for auto and home repairs), and bikes for both of us.

Waiting to get back to normal again.    How was your week?



kim said...

I am so sorry about all of your problems with your parents health, but what a good daughter you are to step up and help. You will be blessed for this. I know it might not seem like a blessing now but it will be.

debby said...

Have the Drs started your Mom on meds yet for seizeurs? I was told the same thing way back when, maybe 10 years ago. She for sure needs to be seeing a neroligust (spelling) My hubby travels a lot so I am on my own and have had no problems. Get your Mom any and all books you can on seizure disorder and have her get active in the treatment. She CAN LIVE a normal active life once she gets a handle on what brings on a seizure, has the right meds, and a supportive medical staff to help her reach her goals!!! They should not have taken her driving away after just 1 seizure, maybe the Dr just suggested she not dive until they get her stable but check to be sure, if the Dr sent the info in to DMV she is going to have a mess each time she renews,grrrr and insurance won't pay a claim if it is in the Dr notes not to drive. Good luck to you and your folks!!!!