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Where Did The Weekend Go?

Happy Sunday Morning!  The weekends just don't last long enough, do they?  Today we are dealing with the "liquid" sunshine here in Central Florida.  We definitely need the rain, so I really can't complain.  It should be getting better in the afternoon. 
I talked to my husband last night and he and my son worked all day yesterday on getting the bathroom ready to tile.  Fingers crossed, I am hoping that they can get the tile guy in next week!  This way, if my parents do decide to come out, we will be ready for them. 

For now, I will not be looking for outside employment.  My husband and I talked about that too last night.  Personally, it is just too stressful for me to work as a sonographer ( and do a good job) and always be waiting for another phone call from my parents.    Things around here are going to be iffy for a while, and I know I need the flexibility to take care of mom and dad. 

How will this work out financially?  For now it will be fine.  I will be upfront with my parents when it comes to money.  They are paying my gas and my husband's gas every month so that helps especially with the price of gas.  So far this month, dad has given me enough money to pay my mortgage payment.  I figure if he does that every month ( at least while I am helping them out) things will be just fine.

But you know, things with my parents can change just like that.  They may feel they can do it themselves and if so, I will honor that too.  I have started the Ebay business up again.  I set weekly goals and work hard to meet them in order to succeed.

 I just have to go with the flow in order to keep my sanity, but I know it will all work out in the end.

  Did you remember to set your clock ahead for Day Light Savings?  I feel like half the day is gone already!  Sheesh!!!!


The Single Saver said...

The ebay business you have is a great back-up to help with your finances. Your family has been through so much lately... you need a little break where things can just be normal. Good luck!

Laura @ No More Spending said...

Good luck getting your eBay business going again Lisa :)

michelle said...

Good luck with ebay again! And I agree, this weekend flew by.

Sharon said...

You definitely have a lot on your plate. I'm glad you decided to hold off on getting a job. You will never regret spending more time with your parents.

By the way, we completely forgot about daylight savings...totally off our radar screen!

Dy Ndebt said...

oooh, I see pyrex on your ebay site. Do you take requests? I have a specific dish I'm looking for to replace one that was my Great Grandmother's, my mom broke it about 20 years ago and I've never been able to find one like it.

Rafiki said...

I think you have a solid plan for now given the situation.

No daylight saving time where I live. Lucky me.

Jane Harrison said...

I was a little sneaky and started turning the clocks ahead in the evening on Saturday, that way I got to bed in a decent hour and woke up at my usual time. Didn't even notice the difference!

CultOfMoney.com said...

I always find the the weekend around the time change goes very quickly, and then the days right after it go exceedingly slow. Granted I've been super busy at work the last couple weeks so it's nice to have the apparent time for work, but still. Good luck with the family, and hopefully when you do want a job again the process will be quick and easy.

CentsToSave said...

Hi Karl,
Yes, the weekends do FLY by!!! Glad you are busy at work, that is a good thing. I think in time, I will get back to ultrasound again. Just not right now.

CentsToSave said...

Hi Jane,
Thanks for checking in on me :) I think I am now use to the time change. Finally.