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It's A Beginning...

Alrighty,,,, I have read so many financial blogs that I wanted to get in on the fun! Well, It is more accurate to say I need to become more agressive in my saving habits, I am not getting any younger and retirement is lurking just about 20 years away. So, If I document the process online, I will have to be accountable to many more people than just me. And, I will have to look at my successes and failures everyday, That should be a motivator!

Today is a no-spend day. Brought my lunch and drinks to work. I managed to stay out of the 7-11 which is so conveniently located right nex door to work. Actually, yesterday was a no-spend day as well. This is a good thing. I am hoping tomorrow will be spend free as well. I know that Ihave spent a lot of mine at the 7-11 in the past. I chalk it up to lack of motivation to save.


D said...

Are you the Lisa, posting on my 2 Nickels blog?

I just wanted to say if you need to expedite the earnings thing you can back date some of your posts. And create some that are 90 days old. Most sites require this and it will help you get started faster.

Good luck!

Lisa said...

Hi d,

yep that's me! Thanks for the info!