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Mid Month Goals for August

It has been a long time since I have posted anything about goals of any sorts. Especially financial goals. We have been blessed with an inheritance from my mom's estate which has allowed us to pay off the mortgage on our primary home AND eliminate our credit card debt.


So now what do we do? First and foremost my husband and I need to work together financially. We really never did that before. We both kinds did our own thing. Never good. This is our opportunity to start fresh in that respect. It has been recommended to me that we both attend a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace course. That way someone else ( neutral ) is teaching is about good financial decisions. I think this will definitely help us.


Here are my goals for the remainder of August:

  • Enroll us both in Dave Ramsey course. Hope hubs agrees.


  • Work to consolidate both of our checking accounts into one.


  • Start using cash more than the debit card. This is a hard one for us, but I need to move forward on it. Again, hope hubs is receptive to it.


  • Plan a trip to Vegas. I know.... Not the most financially orientated decision, but we have promised ourselves this break since mom passed. A well earned treat for us.


What are your plans for The rest of August?



Lisa Richardson said...

I've been watching a lot of FPU video's on YouTube and find them really inspirational. There are a few personal channels with couples that are doing the baby steps - also inspiring.
I really hope you can get your husband onboard Lisa - it's so important to work together :)

Lisa Richardson said...

All the best for your goals and wish you all the luck for getting your husband to join the course. Enjoy Vegas trip but control your spending.

Lisa Richardson said...

Hi Laura,
I hope we can work together on this! It will make everything so much easier.

Lisa Richardson said...

I know, Vegas can be expensive. We will do our best!

Lisa Richardson said...

I think this is a good place to start over with your financial goals. Good luck to you and your husband with them. And have fun in Vegas. We went a few years ago, and I was disappointed in how cheap it wasn't. After years of hearing that everything was cheap so they could get you in to gamble, we didn't find that at all. However, we did find that no one does things over the top better than Las Vegas.

Lisa Richardson said...

We will be using a time share through "Armed Forcesx Vacation Club" which is priced at 369.00 for one week. I have been to Vegas several times for conferences and there is nothing much that is cheap in Vegas. We are not mucj for gambling more for sight seeing.

Lisa Richardson said...

It's a good idea for you, guys, to have a break. You need it! And good luck getting husband on the same page!!

Lisa Richardson said...

I have so much to get done around the house mainly the back garden as most of my time was spent outside re-landscaping this summer. I listed all my goals in my net worth update and I'm drawing a blank right now lol. I know reading my book was on the list, some chores around the house and paying off the mortgage... ya need to get that sorted out. I think setting goals is a great way to work towards something every month. It sure helps keep me in line.

Lisa Richardson said...

Thanks Lena. Hoping hubs enjoys te class!