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Keeping Track of the Cash

This weekend I am transitioning back into using cash for the majority of my purchases. I will still be using my debit for gas purchases just because it is easier for me.

Saturday I had a hair appointment in town, so I was going to get my weekly cash out of the ATM and start my cash only adventure by paying cash to my hairdresser. Well, I tried twice to get cash out and both times I was denied. The bank ATM gave me a slip with a phone number I could call. And I also get a text message with a number I could call too.

I was running late and I did not have time to call before my hair appointment. Luckily my hairdresser was willing to go ahead and give me my haircut and I would pass by later with the cash. I also did not have any checks, those ran out last week!!

After my haircut, I started digging through my wallet and luckily I did have a blank check from my husband's account stuffed into my wallet. Whew!

I then called the bank and they said that there was suspicious activity on my debit which caused my card to be deactivated. After talking to the representative and going over my previous purchases we managed to clear things up. What a pain!

Back to paying with cash. Above is my grocery shopping trip to Aldi's from yesterday. Total spent was $55.00. I loaded up on produce since my husband and I are eating big salads every night.

Saturday expenditures:
haircut 30.00 ( paid by check )
groceries 55.00 ( cash)
Thrift store 20.00 ( cash )
Watch battery 5.00(cash)

Sunday expenditures:
Haircut for grandson 11.00 (cash)
Bowling for three 25.00(cash)

Total cash purchases:  $96.00

It was a busy weekend!!


Lisa Richardson said...

I guess that you should be glad that the bank was watching out for you, but I'm sure it was a total pain. Glad it got straightened out.

Lisa Richardson said...

Thanks! The customer service rep was very nice so that made it less of a pain.