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Tuesday Tallies

Yesterday was going to be a no spend day, we ate breakfast at home. I prepared Steel Cut Oats with fresh strawberries. The steel cut oats have a great texture and a nutty flavor and are a GREAT source of fiber.

I packed my lunch, tuna with chopped lettuce. Celery sticks, fresh strawberries, yogurt with cheerios and crackers. Through out the day, I snacked on most of it. I tend to nibble while I work, this keeps me from pigging out at the end of the day.

After work, we went downtown to the park to go on a walk. We took our dog, she lurves to walk and sniff! So after that, we decided to hit a drive Wendy's drive through window for a quick dinner. I tried their new fish sandwich and it was pretty good. I think I like McDonald's fish sandwich better.

We spent 16.05 on dinner (charged on Marriott Rewards Card, money to be transferred today) and I almost forgot about the tolls for the expressway!! I spent 4 dollars yesterday on tolls! It is so much easier to get around town when you use the tollroads... I have my tollroad account linked to my Marriott Reward card too.

Almost forgot, I did stopt at the thrift store and found a used phone with working caller ID for 2.00 dollars. Paid cash for that.

~~Tuesday's Highlights~~
  • Beautiful weather
  • walked twice, at least 2 miles I estimate
  • great conversations with friends

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