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Marriot Rewards

I charge everything. Why would I do that? I am building up my Marriott Rewards Points. Again, why would I do that? I love to travel! My husband and I are always looking for the next adventure and I use my Marriott Reward Points to "pay" for the rooms. I love Marriott and enjoy the heck out of staying there.

So, in an effort to build my points up, I charge everything I can on my Marriott Rewards Card. I keep track of what I charge in my small spiral notebook that is with me at all times. Then once a day or so I transfer from my bank account ( bill pay) to my Marriott Credit Card. I always round up the amount and pay ahead. Actually I do have a balance on that card from our bathroom renovation so the rounding up pays towards that balance.

In addition, I will still make my minimum payment of 30.00. This card is CC#2 and will be paid off after CC#1. Part of the snowball thingy that I am trying to implement.

37,686 points as of 3/19/2010 for my Marriott Rewards Points.

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