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Job Update

For the last several years I have been persuing my BS degree online at a state university. I already have my AA and AS degree and work full time as a allied health professional. I wanted to challenge myself to get a BS before I was 50 years old.

I am almost there, I will be 50 in July and I plan to graduate in Aug. 2010 with my BS degree in Technical Education. I have enjoyed the online learning environment so much. You can do your homework anytime, you don't have to dress to go to class and the BEST part is you don't have to worry about parking!!

Last week, I interviewed for a position as a program director for a private college here in Central Florida. I researched the school and talked to previous graduates from the school as well. Actually, I have heard less than great things about this particular institution for several years. But... I went on the interview anyway.

This school is EXPENSIVE!! The students are on the hook for upwards of 30 thousand dollars in student loans! The programs are not accreditated and the students cannot get a job after they graduate. But, again I went on the interview anyway.

Lo and behold, after the interview they were still interested in me. I submitted my salary requirements and they called me back for a second interview for this morning. Well, since that phone call regarding the second interview, ( I got the phone call Friday) I have been physically ill... Vertigo, Nausea, etc. I actually could not go to work on Friday afternoon.

It could have been two things... my gut telling me that this is not the job for me OR the stress of possibly changing jobs and taking a step towards the unknown future.

I am going with my gut. I am not going to move forward with this particular job opportunity. I feel better already!

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