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Status Update

Since I have been so lax posting on this blog, I wanted to update on our employment status. I still have my job and have gone from the initial 30 hours to almost 40 hours per week. For the last several months, that has been the norm.

Spouse is still unemployed, and that is going on 19 months. When I sit down and think about it, it blows my mind that he still unemployed. He checked his status for unemployment, and we are only eligible for two more checks. Yep, two more checks and that is it. Truly down to a single income.

It will be a challenge to pay all the bills, but with several major adjustments we will do it. It will suck... but we can do it.

My eldest son is alos unemployed, and has been since November 21, 2009. He is an electrician and since the construction industry is in the toilet, he and others are without work. My other son is also an electrician, he has endured paycuts and a reduction in hours, but so far still has a job.

So, we will see what happens. God has a plan.

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