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Tax Refund

We filed out taxes online last week using Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax does make it easy, and it took only a couple of hours. This morning, I checked my bank account, and the deposit was there.

Yes, we still get a refund. I know I should not like getting a refund, but I do. The amount we got back was 2000.00. Out of that amount, 893.00 dollars will go to pay the property tax. Then 30.00 dollars will be use to pay the fees for using Turbo Tax.

Tithe of 200.00 will be paid to the church. The remaining amount of 874.00 will be split between me and my spouse. He will get 600.00 dollars which is going into his savings. This money will be used to make monthly payments on his Credit Card.

I will get the remaining 274.00 dollars. I am putting this in my savings account for now. I originally wanted to put it on my Credit Card #1, but I accidentally put it in savings account. Online banking is wonderful. I am going to let the dust settle and then I will probably pay down my CC #1 with at least 200.00.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I'm with you---I know that technically getting a refund is bad because it means uncle sam got your money you could have been making interest on it...but I DETEST writing checks to the government LOL. So I am happy to get the refund. We just try to make sure it's not too big. :)