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Where does the time go?

This time of year "time" is just speeding past me. Still so much to do, so much to blog about and absolutely no free time to get anything done. What about you? Overwhelmed? I am.


Paula said...

Yes I feel the same way. I just blogged about it. Crazy with everything going on and shopping, recipes, parties...list goes on. I just want a bit of breathing room.

Joy said...

I really enjoy your blog! Take a few deep breaths ... all the important stuff will get done ... be sure to carve out some you-time!!

Lisa said...

Paula- Yep. Crazy time of year to be sure!

Joy- Thanks! Things will settle down after this weekend.

Who knew gift giving could be so stressful. And I realize that it is not about the gifts at all... but at the last minute.... it comes down to just that.