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Wednesday Happenings

Today was another beautiful day. The sun was out and the sky was blue, temps were in the 70's. Could not ask for anything more. I went to CVS today at lunch. In the past, I was really into ECB's and coupons. I stockpiled a bunch of stuff and then I felt that I really did not need anymore for a while.

Well, now my stockpile has dwindled down to a small amount of supplies. So, I thought today I would get back in the game so to speak. My first purchase was the Colgate Toothpaste for 3.99 and get 3.99 in ECB's in return. Then, I picked up three St. Ives hand lotions that were 3/10.00 and get 3.00 ECB in return. After the 3.99 ECB from the toothpaste, I ended up paying a little over 6.00 dollars. Next, I went back and got the two Oil of Olay body washes for 10.00 dollars. After using the 3.00 ECB I ended up spending a little over 7.00 dollars for both.

Using my receipts, I estimate that I would have paid over 35.00 full price for the above items, After using my ECB's and the sale prices, I ended up spending about 18.00 dollars PLUS I still have a 5.00 ECB to use next week.

I did go a little overboard, it was a flashback of sorts when I would get caught up in the saving money frenzy! I will need to watch it in the future. I am hoping that Dove conditioner will go on sale next week, I really need to stock up on that.

Did not pay tolls today, I forgot my toll pass in my husband's car so I had to go out of my way a bit, but did save 2.00 dollars by doing so.

Survivor is on tonight! Love that show!

~~~Wednesday Highlights~~~

  • Beautiful weather
  • Pleasant work day
  • Survivor is on tonight

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