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Thursday Thoughts

I was able to add 74.10 to my Emergency Fund for a total of 374.10 dollars. My employer reimbursed me for professional dues that I paid last year,(this was 60.00 dollars) and I also received a check from Ebates for 14.10 dollars. Tomorrow, I will get paid and before that check is deposited I will add what is left over in my checking account to my emergency savings account. I am trying to build my emergency account as quickly as possible so I can start my debt snowball.

I did get a little spendy today. I guess towards the end of the week I get a little lazy. So, I did a drive through for breakfast and lunch......at Chick Fil A. the breakfast sandwich was wonderful, but lunch was a chicken salad sandwich and that was just okay.

Work was crazy. The patients were wound up a little tight, and my co workers were on edge as well. A lot of energy that was less than productive. Actually it was exhausting!

~~Thursday Highlights~~
  • Another beautiful day
  • Dinner prepared by my husband
  • A relaxing evening at home catching up on DVR programs...

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