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FPU:Financial Peace University: Week 1




My husband and I attended our first class of "Financial Peace University". I count this as a huge milestone! The first class is titled " Super Savings" and it was an overview of the whole series of classes. My husband was interested and much to my surprise is on board with completing the "Baby Steps".

  • Step 1 is putting $1000.00 away for an emergency. We have that covered.
  • Step 2 is pay off consumer debt. Done.
  • Step 3 build a 3-6 months Emergency Fund. This is where we are at.

We have both( actually he voiced it first) decided to stop funding our retirement accounts and working extra hrs is possible until we have put away 6 months of living expenses. Wow.

I am so grateful that as of now we can finally work as a "team" to manage our finances.

Next Week: Relating To Money



Lisa Richardson said...

Looking forward to hearing about your other classes.

Lisa Richardson said...

It's great that you're on Baby Step 3 already! I'm looking forward to hearing more about the classes too :)

Lisa Richardson said...

Thanks Laura!

Lisa Richardson said...


Lisa Richardson said...

I have heard about these FPU classes but don't know that much about them. How many classes are there and what do they cover? I'm following the snowball approach with my debt. We've built up an emergency fund, not as much as we should have though and are in the process of paying off consumer debt now. The hubby and I have a long way to go though!

Lisa Richardson said...

Hello Friend!!! Thanks Denise, I am pretty darn proud of us too. It is so thrilling to me that my husband and I are on the same page with this. Thanks for your support ! :)

Lisa Richardson said...

There are 9 weeks of classes http://www.daveramsey.com/fpu/preview/ This link will give you a brief overview of the classes. Good luck on your journey to become debt free~