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Rain, Rain Go Away

Our area is experiencing a 3-4 day rain-a-thon.  Steady showers day and night.  Tomorrow  there will be more rain but with storms.  I don't mind the rain, its just that I am not that motivated when it is overcast and wet outside. Today I baked a cake and worked on some eBay listings.  Oh, I did get laundry done too. 

Tonight is our second night of FPU with Dave Ramsey.  Over the weekend, my husband and I reviewed and discussed the "Quick Budget" that is part of week one.  We spent two hours looking at what our monthly bills are ( auto insurance, cable, phone, gas, tolls, groceries, etc.).  That has NEVER happened before! Usually it was me juggling and deciding what and who gets paid.  Just to have hubs in the mix as an active participant is such a treat for me.  Woo Hoo!! 

We surmised that our budget will be in a state of "flux" until possibly the end of the year.  We are hoping that mom's estate will finally be done with probate.  Until that is done, I hesitate to move any of our savings to our 6 months emergency fund.  I am hoping not to put any more money into probate but we will see. 

We calculated that we will need $18,000.00 for our 6 month emergency fund.  That's a lot of moolah!  In order to accomplish this we will be diverting our retirement contributions to the emergency fund. That will be a drop in the bucket, but we are BOTH motivated to get it done.  After our trip to Las Vegas (booked before we started FPU) we will find more ways to build that emergency fund.  We will not be giving up cable.  Or the internet.  Hubs loves is DIY shows!
And I tend to watch too much reality TV.  But, I like it. :)

It is looking like we will again spend at our around $600.00 for groceries again this month.  Maybe that is our magic number...... But, will try again to get it down next month.   Our eating out is only at about $150.00 this month.  That is low for us.  We have definitely spent more!  I guess we feel a sense of entitlement to eat out.  Or maybe it is just me!  But, we have definitely done well in that category.

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