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Summer Bucket List 2013: Recap

This is how it started..........

Summer officially starts June 21st and after being inspired by The Frugal Girl, I came up with my first official Summer Bucket List.

And here is how it ended.....
 NO.     Pick up my golf clubs, and go to the driving range and hit some balls.  Maybe I will start out slow, like in my backyard first.  Just so I don't embarrass myself.

  NO.  Take a belly dance classStill want to do this!

NO.  Paint spare bedroom ( it was my mom's bedroom while she stayed with us). Still deciding on paint colors.

YES!!!Plant flowers with my grandson.  We planted a watermelon and tomato plant too.  But... my husband weed whacked them.  Boo!!

YES!!!Bowling with the family.  Had a blast!  

YES!!!Clean the carpet in my 13 year old car.

YES AND NO. Start a gratitude journal.  This only lasted about a week. 

NOT YET.  Work on preparing my parent's house to sell. We are renting it to our son for now.  I still don't know what to do with it.

 THERE IS PROGRESS.  Move both blogs to Wordpress. This is making definite progress!

SIGH..... NOT YET.  Take an airboat ride.  Maybe before Christmas :)

NOPE! Go to an IMAX movie.  

YES!!!Take a Yoga Class.

THIS IS STILL UP IN THE AIR.  FOR MANY REASONS. Plan trip to Wisconsin. My now deceased parents wanted their ashes taken back to Wisconsin as their final destination on this earth. In order to make this happen, I will need to coordinate the travel of my family members so that all can be there to say a final good-bye. Thinking about September to make this happen.

 Who knows when this will happen. 

My mom's family farm

  NO.  Take grandson to zoo.

Summer 2013 did get away from me.  I had good intentions, but a great majority of the goals were not met.  That is okay.  It has been a crazy summer for our family!


Lisa Richardson said...

I see more yeses than nos. Good job.

Lisa Richardson said...

Thanks. :)