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Grocery Shopping: Breaking it Down

Today's shopping includes both grocery and non perishables/personal care items.

Publix:         34.00 (grocery)
Walgreens:  15.00 (grocery)

Kmart:  6.00 (non-perishable)
Walgreens: 14.50 (non-perishable)
Walgreens:  11.00 (NyQuil on sale)

Church Pantry:  13 @ 0.79 each~ Campbell Soup (chicken noodle) $10.40

  $49.00 For Groceries
  $31.50 for non-perishable/OTC drugs
  $10.40 Church Pantry
  $90.90 TOTAL

I still need to pass by Aldi's (they were closed today) and get some produce.  And Winn Dixie had Ground chuck on sale.  Back out tomorrow to pick up some of that.

This 4 day weekend sure gives me a lot of time to keep track of my spending.  I sure hope I can keep up with it the rest of the month. :)

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