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Tuesday's Short List

 This morning is a day off for me, but I do go to my evening job at the college later on this afternoon.  I have a million things to do around the house and errands to run.  But before I get overwhelmed with just thinking about it, I need to break it down into a manageable list.

Around The House

Sweep and mop bedroom and bathroom floor (all the floors are tile)
Clean Bathroom
Sweep and mop living room floor Nope
Wash,dry and put up three loads of clothes
Put Meatloaf in oven for dinner

Take eBay packages to Post Office
Change address on voter registration (duh) Maybe Thursday
Stop by local Thrift Store (eBay inventory)  Nope
Get eyebrows waxed (always fun) Ahh.. No


Research ceramic Christmas tree I picked up at Church Sale ( one similar on eBay sold for over $200.00)
Pack up two recent sales
Maybe list the mugs that are in my trunk from yesterday's shopping. (maybe)

See What has been selling in my eBay store this week....

How is your day shaping up?  Do lists help you stay on task?

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CarlaPeicheff said...

My list just got much shorter... take Mya to Dr's, get through the day with 3 sick kids, hope 4th kid doesn't get sick. ;)

Enjoy your day!

kim said...

Always, or I forget something. Sometimes I forget the list!

Lisa Richardson said...

Sometimes I forget the list too. Lol!

Lisa Richardson said...

Hope all the kids get better soon Carla!

Michelle said...

Lists definitely help me stay on track! I have one on my phone and I'm always looking at it.