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The Electric Bill

Yep, as I posted earlier, My electric bill is out of control. There are reasons for that, as my 22 year old daughter and her husbnad still with us in the garage apartment. They pay rent $200.00 per month and contribute to groceries ($30.00) a week. As of 3 months ago, my oldes son moved back home due to a pending divorce. he pays $100.00 per month and $10.00 per week. He is not at home much so I feel I am charging him fairly.

Back to the electric bill. I have bought an umbrella clothesline, clothes pins, softner and a basket. Oh yeah, cement to mount the pole.

Cost to save money: Lowes for clothes line and cement $44.00 for chothesline and $10.00 for two bags of quickdry cement. New basket $5.00, clothes pins $2.00 for two packs and softner which was &3.00. Grand Total is approximately $ 64.00 to $65.00.

Living in Florida makes hanging clothes out year round convenient. How much will we save? I hope a lot. I don't think that we will use the clothesline for every load, but for the majority of them we will. (In theory we will, I will keep you posted and we shall all see the savings!!)


D said...

This is a great way to save. I live in Illinois, and only have about 4-5 months but it is still worth it.

lndsymaria said...

Just think how yummy your clothes will smell after the warm winds have blown through them! I'm jealous! Mine would smell like dirt(I live in Vegas)

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Yep, can't wait to smell the clothes after hanging them outside. It will have to wait till Thursday... Rain is forcasted for the next two days.