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Shopping and Sleep Deprivation

You know, I want to think I have it together when I go into CVS to pick up a FEW items. I am happy to report that I do NOT have it together, especially when I have not had enough sleep!

I passed by CVS this afternoon after work, to pick up the CVS brand "Extra Strength Pain Relief

Rapid Release Gelcaps #24 for 3.99 dollars. I wanted to "rollover" the ECB's I had for the same amount. Easy Enough.

Well, noooooo.. I mistakenly picked up the 50 count CVS brand. DUH. So, I was in a hurry, long line of people behind me, I just sucked it up and bought them. For 5.49 dollars minus the 3.99 ECB. Oh Well. Today, I am too tired to care.

Has this ever happened to you??


Mrs Nespy said...

It happened many times on my first outings as a "CVSer" I've learned my lesson though and I now take the ad (monthly or weekly) with me and compare what I'm getting with the ad CAREFULLY. Too many returns to the counter with an exchange.

Lisa said...

Mrs. Nespy.... The whole CVS experience takes time and practice. I was runnong low on time and I certainly was out of practice..... :)

Next time will be a better experience!