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From Chaos To Order

Stockpiling has its advantages... You always have items on hand that you use on a daily basis that you paid next to nothing for.....

But.... when you neglect to keep your items neat and tidy... You do not have a clue to what you have or don't have.....

After clearing out the clutter and rearranging... I know what I need to stockpile more of ( not much of anything) and what I need to use before it goes out of code.

What does your stock pile look like?

1 comment:

paula said...

Well I don't have my camera right now but we just went through this last weekend. I had stuff everywhere and no place to put it so my daughter and I clean, rearranged cupboards and took an inventory stock of things we have and use all the time so when a sale comes we know if we need it or not. I am so happy to say I can see counter tops, cupboards and the kitchen table. As I was looking through the ads this week there were a couple deals that were pretty good but since I knew what I had and it wasn't free I passed. This is worth the effort let me tell you.