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Gift Cards

Gift cards for Christmas are some of the easiest presents that you can buy for someone. I buy gift cards for my grown children to use as their big gift. Usually I give them 100.00 each on a gift card to the store of their choice. Wal Mart, Bass Pro Shop and Victoria Secret. The past years I have been confident that the gift card I give them is "safe" to use and that the kids will be able to buy what they want.

My mom and dad like their gift cards from different places. My mom likes to go the the movies and the bookstore. My dad likes cards from garden centers and restaurants.

Lately there have been so many businesses that are going out of business that a gift card is not the safest gift to buy. Probably there is no concern with regards to Wal Mart or the bigger chain stores, but the smaller stores and restaurants are not always the stablest in the difficult economic times.

I will be rethinking my gift card strategy this year, especially with smaller businesses. I don't want to throw my money away.... and disappoint the receiver of the gift card either.


Craig said...

I'm like you, I always give out giftcards, it's easier and the person can get whatever they want. I believe there is a list that has the stores that you should avoid getting giftcards from. If you stay away from them then you will be fine.


Grace. said...

You can always give a "gift" VISA that can be used anywhere. My credit union provides these. They charge $3.95 for each card (which I resent and refuse to pay) but one can trade their useless points for the fee, which is what I do.

OTOH, personally, I like getting specific store cards because I am more likely to get something for myself that way. I particularly like Powell's (a bookstore) giftcards.