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Start Something and Stop Hiding

1. Stop hiding who you really are-

This really strikes a cord with me. I know it isn't January, but I've decided to make some life changes in this New Year and this is one of the changes I want to work at daily.

2. Start being intensely selfish-

Selfishness is usually thought of as a bad quality. However, to me it means doing things that really matter to me as a person instead of doing things that someone else decides I should do.

3. Stop following the rules-

I've already started incorporating this principle in life. Actually, I've been quite good at this one for years, much to my mother's dismay. "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." - Katherine Hepburn (actress)

4. Start scaring yourself-

Oh yeah! I'm working on some pretty scary, new stuff right now. I've got this one covered.

5. Stop taking it all so damn seriously-

I'm still working on this one. Daily.

6. Start getting rid of the crap

Yes indeed. I've been seriously working on this one for 6 months. I'm making progress.

7. Stop being busy- I've lived by this philosophy for most of my life. There is no living in being busy all the time. Unless you make room for those things you really care about, being busy doing things not on your list of goals is a waste of time. I've tried teaching someone this concept for a long time. So far my advice has fallen on deaf ears.

8. Start something


Paula said...

I agree. I have to make some changes this year as well. I have been working on this for the past few years and I did a great job and it is time for me to take the next steps. I started a new job and I want to work on making that work in my life with some other changes too. Good luck to you.

Tracy said...

Wow, I like this...most of those would definitely be a challenge for me! Good luck!

Lisa said...


We all have to start with small steps. I have to go back and start over on some of these ideas. I just keep trying to do better. Sometimes the process is more beneficial than the outcome.


These are all a challenge for me. But I need to challenge myself to prevent boredom. :)