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Now That Is Commitment

I just sent my payments for the bills that I pay with my second paycheck of the month. I must admit... I did hesitate... for more than just a minute or so. More like several. maybe 10! I knew in my mind that I did have enough to cover all expenses and pay all the bills. But..... my heart was saying... "Lisa... you know you might see something you just cannot live without....so don't pay all of tha 460.00 to the furniture account. You know you have until May to pay it off!"

I did'nt listen to that voice. I filled in the amounts in the bill pay online and sent it. Done deal.


DEBT 460.00 pd

GROC/EAT OUT 300.00 pd

CHURCH 125.00 pd

CABLE 136.00 pd

WATER 15.00 pd

PHONE 43.00 pd




GAS 80.00

AOL 26.00 pd

PAPER 20.00

TOTAL 1369.00


momstheword said...

I think it is awesome that you are paying down your debt this way. Good for you! It will be so nice to have that off your shoulders. You are very wise.

Ginger said...

That list is looking good. As I read what you are paying, I would highly recommend (if possible) to see what you can do to lower that cable bill. It seems really high - like about 4x what we pay and we have 3 premium channels. On top of that you have AOL. I think if you live in an area where connectivity isn't a problem you could easily cut that in half by getting a cable/internet bundle and dropping AOL.

Our cell phone is about the same even though we could cut that down. We have about 90% of all possible bells and whistles in our package.

We are in the process of refinancing our home. We lucked into 4.5%. It will save us about $300 per month. That will allow us to pay off one old CC bill and save, save, save. I am so thankful for this opportunity. If you have a mortgage you could refi and save even 2 points it would be worth it if you are living there for a few years.

Looking good. Hope you can get that cable/AOL bill greatly reduced. Looks like you are in good shape to make changes necessary.

Get that shoulder fixed. I know you'll be glad to have that all in the rear-view mirror!


Lisa said...

Ginger.... I have to tell you that I appreciate greatly your comments. I will check on the cable bill and the AOL is more like a crutch to me, but I could definitely get rid of it.

And thanks for the "push" about the shoulder. I needed it and I am moving forward on that this week. Back to the doctor to get it fixed.

Thanks again!


Shannon said...

Good for you!

Your V-day tree is so cute!! I love it!

BarbaraLee said...

You must have a no % till May to pay for your furniture. We have done that. Good thing not to listen to the devil. Yes it was him talking to you. If times get hard for you and you miss a payment and you don't get it paid for they will charge you all the back interest that they gave you for free. That would be a kick in the backside.

Lisa said...

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for your comments about my V-day tree! I am now looking for a white tree for March. I have lots of cute decorations for St Pats day.

Lisa said...

Hi Barbara..

Yes the furniture is no interest no payments for one year.(which for me is May 09) I am looking forward to getting rid of that monkey on my back!!

Thanks for your comments.