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Bathroom Remodel and Debt

We have lived in our home for almost 30 years. It is a 3 bedroom with one full bathroom and one half bath. The tub in the full bathroom has definitely seen better days. After raising 3 kids it is bound to show some wear and tear. Well... a lot of wear and tear.

In fact, the inside of the tub is very worn, the gloss is all gone. And there is rust isn some spots. On the outside of the tub where the tub meets the tile floor... the tub is rusted through. We definitely need a NEW tub.

With a new tub, we or I want to get all new tile, vanity and toilet. Lets do that sucker completely over. It needs it so why not??

Well, I will have to charge the remodel. I already owe about 2100.00 dollars on my credit card and it will cost around 1500.dollar for the redo of the bathroom. We will be doing all the labor so that does save us some money.

I do have loooong term savings that I could use.... but I hate like heck to do that. Once the money is in loooong term savings I want to keep it there. My goal is to have my long term/emergency fund up to 10,000 dollars. I will be very comfortable with that amount. Right now I have a little over half that amount.

In the mean time, there are things that need to get done around the house and the bathroom is definitely one of them. And there is the car maintaince that needs to be done too. Tires, struts. tune up....

It is endless, isn't it?


Cassie said...

Oh yes, it is definetely endless! Once you check something off of your to-do list, it seems like you just keep adding something else!

Good luck with your re-model! :)

Lisa said...

Yes, the list has no end. Thanks for the well wishes. We hope to finish by thanksgiving.