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Five Things Friday 12/28/12

Another crazy busy week, probably the same for you all too.  I went back to work on Wednesday and thought it was Monday.  Today seems like Sunday, so I am all goofed up when it comes to staying track.

I only worked half a day Wednesday as mom had  her surgery (minor) to remove the basal cell cancer from her scalp.  The biopsy said it was not related to her breast cancer, but you always wonder about that.  She had the surgery at an outpatient surgery center because he surgeon said that the scalp bleeds a lot and it would be easier for everyone if she just had the procedure there.  They did use sedation (propofol) but did not intubate.     The surgeon also said when he removed the cancer from her scalp he could see the screws from her brain surgery last year. That was too much information!

Here are  my Five Things Friday for the last Friday of this year!

1.  I bought new calendars for 2013.  I am going to transfer important dates and appts to the new calendars and try like heck to stay on top of them this year.  I have one calendar for family stuff like birthdays, appts, and so on.  I also have a calender for my blog.  This year, I am going to try to be more organized when it comes to blogging and actually schedule posts so that I don't waste too much time.   I will also incorporate or dedicate specific time to eBay as well.  We will see if it helps.

2.  Check out Weight Watchers.  Weight has always been a problem but will all the family drama going on I have definitely packed on the pounds with my emotional eating.

3.  Get back to listing items on eBay.  December has been so busy that I have been slacking and I need to get back on track.   I have been able to find lots of great deals on vintage Christmas items at the thrift stores and am excited to get them listed.  Here are some of my tips for Thrift Store Shopping.

4.  Clean out my desk at work.  It has become a dumping ground for magazines, and coffee cups.  It is a mess and today I am going to spiff it up!

5.Organize my  pictures!  This is an ongoing project.  I have photos on my laptop, flash drives, and my camera.  I am trying to get them all in one place.  Have any of you used Flicker for your photo storage?  Any suggestions?

That is about it for my Five Things Friday.  What about you?   What is on your list today?


Delicious Shovel said...

I bought a new calendar too and I put all important dates yesterday :) And I'm really looking forward to January. I hope your mom will feel better soon! All the best!

Lisa Richardson said...

Thanks! I am a visual person so being able to "see" what is going on definitely helps me!

Gillian Money After Graduation said...

It can be tough when your stressed not to overindulge. I think you'd be better off just changing eating habits instead of doing a program, because they tend to be pretty rigid, but I haven't seen any weightwatchers material in years so I'm not quite sure all it entails. Either way, good luck! :)