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Grocery Shopping at Dollar General Supermarket

Near my home we have a Dollar General Supermarket. Usually most Dollar Generals are without a significant grocery section. The Dollar General Supermarket that I went to yesterday has a decent selection of produce, dairy, meat and dry goods. Price wise I thought I did okay.

For instance, a pound of butter at Dollar General Supermarket was 2.00 dollars compared with Publix store brand @ 2.69 dollars a pound. Dollar General cream of chicken soup is 2 for 1.00 dollar and compare that to Campbell's which is at least a dollar a can. I forgot to compare to the Publix store brand.

Aquanet Hair Spray was 2.00 for a large can at Dollar General and at Publix, it was 2.69 dollars.

That is just a sampling of price comparisons, and over time the savings will be definitely add up.


Anonymous said...


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gtm said...

I've been to that store before but never thought about grocery shopping there, I might have to check it out.

Do you have a store name Aldi around you? They have extremely low prices.

Lisa said...

No we do not have an ALDI,

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