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What A Beautiful Weekend!

We have had absolutely beautiful weather this weekend. It has been in the 70's and the humidity has been low. Perfect. Yesterday and today, I did some necessary grocery shopping. Did I go over budget? Hmmmm... Yes. Did I get some good deals? Oh Yes! Can I stop myself from doing the same thing next week? I sure hope so! So, with the addition of my grown son and his step-son to our household I feel I will have to re-evaluate my grocery budget. Expenditures are as follows: Albertsons. Spent $66.78. Preferred savings $47.95. Coupons $9.25. Bonus Buys $1.77. Total Savings $58.97 Publix. Spent $51.84. Advertised Specials. $11.82. Coupons $5.00. Total Savings of $17.81. Albertsons Spent $73.78. (all meat and a special on TP). Saved with Buy one get ones $52.45. Preferred Savings $5.20. Coupons $3.00. Total Savings of $60.65. CVS Spent $15.95 Saved $14.99 with Coupons. So there it is. $208.35 Spent. Total Savings were$152.42. Now that I see it all documented, I don't feel so bad. The things I did buy we will definitely use. But as I said before, my budget for groceries for two weeks was $200.00. I managed to exceed that amount. I will keep an eye on things and see how the rest of the next two weeks progresses. ADDENDUM....So I am a shopaholic. I managed to overlook one other receipt. The one from BJ'S wholesale club. SPENT $142.58 So the noew total spent is $350.93.. Oh Dear.


lndsymaria said...

You're doing well trying to keep within your budget but I noticed that you are shopping at a very expensive place. Albertsons. Their prices are alot higher than Wal-mart. Also, sometimes its easy to justify shopping at a more pricey grocery store if you have coupons or if they offer "preferred cards." It's just another way that they raise their prices and then tell you they are lowering them. I suggest trying a different grocery store next week and compare prices. You'll be surprised!

Lisa said...

Yes, I realize that Albertsons can be expensive. Currently we have Albertsons, Publix and Winn Dixie. These are the primary grocery stores available And they are all kinda expensive. There is a Sack and Save, but they have a limited selection. So.... I really try to compare prices and find what we need when its on sale. As I have known all along, I really like to shop to save.... Not a good thing, but something I do and really need to change. I have purchased YNAB, and will work with that. By keeping the blog, I hope this will keep me more accountable. I do appreciate your comments.

lndsymaria said...

It's great that you're aware. I suppose that going too far out for a 'cheaper' grocery store would kind of defeat the purpose. I have 4 Wal-marts within 10 miles of my home, so I kind of take them for granted!
Keep up the good work!