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Facing Reality

As stated before, my daughter and her hubby recently moved out. With the move went our free cable and internet access. Son in Law worked for the cable company and that was one of the perks. This meant that we had to "reconnect" our service and in the mean time we had no cable or internet service.

I was not able to access my bank account for about a week. Normally I will check it daily, if not twice a day. So my accout is slightly neglected. I have to face the music today and reconcile my account. A little stressful.
I have been shopping over the weekend. Without a doubt, I need constant accoutability.


Tracy said...

Great blog! Would you like to exchange links? I already added you to my blog roll, here is my link: http://mymoneystory.blogspot.com/


Lisa said...

enjoy your blog as well... Linked is exchanged! :)